Why DXRacer?

  • Born from genuine racing seats, DXRacer chairs are designed with long hours of gaming in mind and a heavy focus in ergonomics, resulting in extreme comfort.

  • Higher backrest to support the entirety of your spinal column, from pelvis to neck.

  • Stable five-point metal base with gas spring for adjustments of varying heights to better meet the needs of any office or computer desk.

  • Tilt mechanism enabling the back to be lowered to any angle till the chair is flat, and the ability to lock the angle in place,  so you can literally lie back and relax after a long meeting.

  • 8-position adjustable armrests, padded for comfort and protection against slanting shoulders and kyphosis resulting from long-time fatigue of your shoulders and wrists.

  • Adjustable headrest cushion and lumbar cushion to maintain a right-angled sitting position, which is the position widely acknowledged by the medical circle.

  • Manufacturing process includes steel framework and built-in high-density foam, which gives the chair its stability and ensures it does not become deformed.

  • As we aim to cater to your needs, our chairs are not one-size-fit-all. On the contrary, we have a range of colors and series to best suit each and every one of you.

Introduction to DXRacer


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