Our Mission

To be the strongest proponent of quality health-conscious computer use around the world
  • Swift next day deliveries. According to your schedule.

  • We actually own our factory. Uncompromised quality assured.

  • Lifetime warranty on our products. They will stand the test of time.

About Us

Founded in 2003, DXRacer started as a manufacturer of supreme racing car seats which focused on stringent quality management.
After years of innovation and investment in our research and development, our product range
has expanded to include computer chairs and gaming seats to improve quality of life.

Sit better. Work harder. Game longer.


Why DXRacer Chair Singapore Is The Best Gaming Chair?

Do you use your computer for more than 8 hours a day? Even if you are familiar with the negative impact this could have on your health and wellness, sometimes there is just no way can you get away from the computer, especially if your job involves using one. Well, there is a better solution: invest in a DXRacer Chair in Singapore.

This gaming chair has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the average computer user. It provides the support your body needs, which helps prevent back pain and improper posture, among other issues. Not to mention, you will not feel fatigued even after using the computer all day.

Combine It with the DXRacer Gaming Desk

 Create an ergonomic gaming or workstation by combining the gaming chair with the DXRacer Gaming Desk. This computer desk will ensure the strain on your body is reduced when you are gaming.